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Please call me for a free consultation if you would like to discuss your case.  I have personally handled thousands of criminal cases.  I will explain the law to you, listen to your goals, and discuss different options that are available to you.               

I began my legal career in criminal defense, fighting to protect the Constitutional rights of my clients against the government.  I have experience in every stage of the criminal justice process, including jury trials, court trials, suppression hearings, post-conviction relief, forfeiture proceedings, 1983 civil rights actions, appeals, probation revocation hearings, expungment, sealing of records, hardship license petitions, specialized driving privileges petitions, and plea negotiations.  I also teach criminal law at the IU School of Law and have been recognized as one of the top 10 criminal defense attorneys in the State of Indiana under the age of forty by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys. 

It is my goal to provide excellent legal representation at affordable prices.  I realize each of my clients is a real person, not just a file.  I have even represented a fellow criminal defense attorney and two former Sherriff’s deputy after they were arrested and charged with crimes.  I understand that even the best people can occasionally make mistakes, and I believe every person charged with a crime deserves to have an attorney fighting for them in court and protecting their Constitutional rights.                        

If you have any questions about your case, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Phone: (317) 695-7700
Fax: (317) 454-1334
Address: 333 N Alabama St # 357, Indianapolis, IN 46204