A Criminal Defense Lawyer and Prosecutor will play a part in each of the following:

Bond 1

– Defendant, college student at IU Bloomington, is being charged with Public Intoxication. Has no prior arrests.

Bond 2

– Defendant is being charged with Theft for stealing a liquor bottle from Walmart. State background check does not show any criminal history. Defendant lives and works in Colorado.

Bond 3

– Defendant is being charged with Possession of Marijuana. Defendant has a domestic battery/handgun no license misdemeanor case that was dismissed 5 years ago. Defendant is also on probation for possession of cocaine, from 4 months ago.

Bond 4

– Defendant is being charged Criminal Recklessness with a Handgun and Domestic Battery. Alleged victim is at bond review and states she has no fear of defendant, wants him released, and does not want a no-contact order. Defendant has 3 prior arrests for domestic battery over the last 5 years, but none resulted in a conviction.

Bond 5

– Defendant is being charged with domestic battery. Defendant is on probation for Invasion of Privacy, but has no other criminal history. Defendant is in the process of looking for work. Alleged victim is not present at bond review and neither defense or State have been able to get in contact with her.

Bond 6

– Defendant is being charged with domestic battery and possession of cocaine. Defendant has a prior conviction for domestic battery. Alleged victim wants defendant released. There is a Federal immigration hold. Defendant is sole worker in family.

Bond 7

– 5 Years ago, defendant was placed on probation for Possession of Meth. Defendant absconded and has been FTA since his last court date. Defendant never checked in with probation. Recently, defendant was in town for the Indy 500 and was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated. Defendant is self employed and runs a small plumbing business in Florida.

Bond 8

– Defendant has 3 open DWS cases from Marion County traffic court, which all have open warrants due to missed court dates. Defendant has a prior conviction for domestic battery and prior conviction for drunk driving. Defendant is being charged with criminal recklessness with a handgun and domestic battery. Alleged victim is at bond review and states she does not want defendant released. Alleged victim belies defendant has an alcohol problem. Defendants lives with his father, who has firearms in the home. Defendant recently graduated from grad school and has a State licensing exam in one week. The state licensing exam is offered twice a year.

Bond 9

– Defendant is 45 years old and has no criminal history. Defendant is being charged with child molestation. The alleged victim is the 7 year old daughter of defendant’s girlfriend. Defendant’s girlfriend states that she has no fear of defendant and does not believe that defendant is a risk of safety to the community. Defendant is employed as a Doctor. Girlfriend and alleged victim live at defendant’s residence and have no where else to live.  Defendant also has sole custody a 10 year old child from a previous marriage.

Bond 10

– Defendant is on probation for Possession of Marijuana out of Hamilton County and there is a no bond hold warrant for unknown probation violations. Defendant has a pending DWS in Hancock County. His court date is in 1 week. Defendant also has a pending OVWI in Morgan County with a court date in 2 weeks. Defendant is being charged with battery and public intoxication after a bar fight with an individual the defendant does not know.

Bond 11

– Defendant has an open warrant out of Kentucky for a probation violation for a Theft conviction. Defendant has two open theft cases in Marion County. Defendant has now been arrested for a new theft case as well as possession of paraphernalia. Defendant has been convicted of resisting law enforcement from 5 years ago and residential entry from 7 years ago. Defendant’s wife is present at bond review and will testify that she makes $24K a year and is the sole provider for the family. There are also 3 children living in the home. Defendant previously received mental health treatment but has not gone to treatment in the last year. Wife has spoken to midtown mental health about defendant returning for treatment.


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